About Us

About Us

The story of Beyond Sense dates back to the time when my mother took me to my first stone shop in my adolescence. While I was awestruck with the beauty of every stone present there, I recall my mom clearly say “When you pick a stone, you will feel an energy within and that’s when you know you’ve chosen the right one”. Little did I know that was a breakthrough moment which defined my path later.

Decades later I continue to marvel in awe over the energy and beauty of stones, like I did for the first time. Inspired by my mother’s sentiment and my passion for the stones, Beyond Sense is a medium through which I share the gift of stones with you all.

In a market dominated by gold and diamond jewellery, Beyond Sense aspires to curate fashion and change the space with modern stone jewellery. Therefore, we envision to bring you pieces that speak to your individuality, and connect you back to your roots.

We believe in building relationships, increasing awareness and educating the masses using aesthetics, magic and the value that stones hold. Our vision is to become the go-to name when it comes to silver and semi precious stone jewellery, and build a brand that embodies purity, quality and design.

Driven by trend, quality and aesthetics we look forward to curate and design pieces with innovation and intention. Our core principle is to provide stunning pieces of stone jewellery that hold the true essence of beauty and are products of creativity, craftsmanship and artistry. We derive our design inspirations from the uniqueness and the raw attraction of the natural stones, yet offer a collection that is sophisticated and fashion-forward.

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  • Address: North Vancouver / Squamish
  • Phone: 1-604-902-2996
  • Email: sales@beyondsense.ca